Oh crikey, I’m having a baby!

This wasn’t my first thought when my husband and I found out we were pregnant. Our baby had to be┬átotally planned (owing to a pesky illness called Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) – so finding out we were expecting was more of a relief than a surprise.

The above response was last week, 13 weeks in, to a friend saying “I’ll have the event in November, so you can bring your baby!”

Bring your baby, she said. YOUR baby. MY baby. I’m having…a baby! An actual, real life, kicking, gurgling, pooping, squishy little baby! Which is inside me…right now!

I’m not entirely sure how this has taken 3 months to occur to me. Although, I probably shouldn’t be surprised, considering my first response to the positive pregnancy test was to sit on the bed, laughing hysterically for about half an hour, repeating, “We made a baby. We made a baby. A baby!!!!” I do have to admit though, that it’s only now, 14 weeks in, where we’ve had the first scan and my jeans are definitely tighter, that I’m feeling properly pregnant.

My husband and I have a fairly relaxed attitude to preparing for a baby. Charles keeps saying, “Babies are EASY, right?” Now. I am not sure this is entirely true, from the slightly drawn, bleary eyed (yet deliriously happy) faces of the new parents in our friendship circle, but I must admit that I’m sceptical of a vast amount of equipment that people tell you is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to look after your child.

Having said that, perhaps this is another thing that will take a while to sink into my hormone-addled brain. Give me another few months, and I’m sure I’ll be tearing around John Lewis with armfuls of muslins, sterilisers, baby mobiles and weirdly shaped cushions. Can’t wait!



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