Week 16 – getting used to pregnancy logistics

I’m just over 16 weeks, and I was hoping that I would have hit my pregnancy stride by now. As far as slowly expanding goes, I have that absolutely nailed. Getting in a little exercise (a 30 minutes’ walk to work) is also underway. In my regular day to day life, managing pregnancy is a breeze. Stick me in a “pregnancy” situation, however, and I still have NO idea what is going on.

I was hoping that this week’s midwife appointment would be very reassuring and set my slight unease to rest. My mum is a midwife, and exudes this air of calm and capability (at least as far as babies are concerned). She’s always happy to answer my random questions (well, she IS my mum after all). So I thought that perhaps my midwife would perform a similar role.

However. My midwifery clinic is in the hospital, where it seems their main concern is health, and not much else. Blood pressure, urine test, a general “are you feeling well?” – and 10 minutes later we were all done! I was quite surprised that there was no check on the baby, or that she wasn’t too fussed as to my emotional welfare. Having said that, it’s a busy clinic, and I guess that those checks weren’t necessary, otherwise they would have been done!

The structure of the appointments and what they actually involve is still a mystery to me. After speaking to some of my pregnant friends, their experience of the 16 week clinic sounds much the same as mine. I guess it would have been nice to have a heads up on what to expect before the appointment, then it wouldn’t have seemed such a whirlwind at the time. Looks like I have more reading to do!

At least my next appointment is an exciting milestone. My 20 week scan is at the end of April – I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of little Squish and make sure that (hopefully) everything is fine health wise! Counting down the weeks until then.


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