18 weeks in – trying to prepare

It has recently occurred to me that my pregnancy is almost halfway through. Halfway! When the hell did that happen?! This thought also happens to be a great motivational tool to get ourselves organised and attempt to prepare for the little one’s arrival. I know, I know, it’s impossible to be 100% prepared for a newborn – but there’s definitely a lot of STUFF in our house that would do a lot better…well…elsewhere.

For the first couple of weeks of my second trimester, I was constantly told how much more energetic I would feel, and how this would be the best time in the whole pregnancy. After the hundredth mood swing and period of exhaustion sprawled on the sofa, I did start to wonder why these meanies had lied to me. But, it turns out, all I needed was a long weekend and a couple of lie ins and lo and behold! I feel like a new person! 

So this weekend has been filled with a looooooot of cleaning. Deep, wholesome, spring cleaning that has been long overdue! Plus getting rid of loads of clutter in our soon-to-be-un-spare room. It definitely feels like a bigger victory than it is, but knowing that I can walk around our flat without noticing all the dust everywhere is a glorious feeling.

Cleaning was broken up by a large amount of cake. Well earned, I thought…

Next on my preparation list is getting a pram. I’ve had a sneak peek already and since WHEN were there so many kinds?! This is going to take a whole load of research and I need to figure out how to do it without totally freaking out and spending £3000 on a gold-plated Bugaboo. Might put this one off till tomorrow…




2 thoughts on “18 weeks in – trying to prepare

  1. Aaaaah, yeah… I remember the shock when discovering the buggy world too! I remember comparing women and buggies to men and cars type of thing…. And 5 months into motherhood I can honestly say – I wasn’t wrong!!!
    In the end, we went for the lightest that we could find as there are quite a few steps (and no lift!!!) leading to our flat which is great to keep the burglars away but as it turns out, not so great to carry a baby and a buggy around.
    Good luck finding the perfect one for your needs Nat! You’ll feel so good when you do.

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