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Week 21 – when your body rebels

I’m about halfway through my second trimester and it’s really started to hit home that perhaps this body is not entirely mine. It has a life of its own! It’s a little bit unsettling…but it’s always been part of the deal I signed up for. I just feel like everything in my body has shifted about a bit, so I have to find new ways to make myself comfortable. I had to laugh at myself when I was sat in a meeting on a rock hard stool with both hands on my hips to give my back some support. Classic pregnancy pose!

One thing I was completely unprepared for is nosebleeds! I have never, ever had a nosebleed in my life – and now they’re happening about once a week, for about 10 minutes at a time. Sexy. Thankfully, they happen in the evening, so the only person who sees me with bright red nostrils is my lovely husband. But still. Nosebleeds. WEIRD. According to the NHS website, it’s something else to chalk up to delightful hormonal changes. Winning!

On a slightly more upbeat note, Squish is also getting some serious strength in those limbs of hers. At the time of my last scan, she was facing downwards, so either she’s punching me in what honestly feels like my nether regions (thanks, baby) or she’s turned 180 degrees and is doing the cancan. She is still pretty small at this point (about the size of a canteloupe) so at least the punching/kicking feels more like prodding than anything else! And it’s really lovely to have the reassurance that she’s still wriggling about in my belly.

I also went out for lunch at Berber & Q on Sunday (which was DELICIOUS) but made a pretty stunning entrance by trying to squeeze between two tables to get to a seat – and instead inadvertently used my arse to knock a poor guy’s drink all over his lap. I thought it was water at first before I noticed the tomatoey chunks sliding their way down his trouser leg… Not my finest moment! I’m definitely going to stick to the chairs on the more spacious sides of the tables in future.

Delicious, post-embarrassing spillage food. The baba ghanoush was a big big hit.

Aside from that, life is gratifyingly normal. Work continues to be hectic and exciting, which I’m planning to make the most of for the next 4 months! Plus it’s FINALLY getting warmer, which means I can crack out the super comfortable, loose, floaty dresses I’ve been dying to wear. Goodbye layers!

Till next time,



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