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Week 22 – old lady Davie

It has begun. I’ve started to properly slow down! For someone like me who loves to walk quickly, scooting around the slow movers on the pavement, I can no longer do this without becoming seriously out of breath! I can see myself slowing to a sad shuffle in the next few months. A shuffle with big puffy feet. In lame comfortable hiking sandals. That’s not a pretty picture…

I guess slowing down isn’t entirely a bad thing, my body obviously needs me to, but it does mean that I need to leave myself longer to get from A to B. And since I’m not a morning person, this does not go down well before work. Or when I have to climb six flights of stairs to get to our seats at the Emirates.

The view is pretty good once you get up there, though.

Squish has started wedging herself into uncomfortable positions in and around my guts. Pretty sure she had a foot, or an elbow – something hard and bony – scrunched up next to my pelvis yesterday. There wasn’t much I could do about it until she decided to move. Anyone got any suggestions for gently moving her along if it happens again? There’s also the joys of my loose ligaments making sitting down for half an hour feel like I’ve been sat down for five hours. Might start taking a cushion to work with me…

Ok, enough old lady bellyaching. Husband and I have realised that we need to get a wriggle on with getting the spare room cleared, decorated and populated with baby-appropriate items. We’re disorganised enough that we actually need to put decorating time in the diary! Painting starts this weekend – and we have bought our first piece of furniture, a changing table/chest of drawers!

Last piece of news – we have also signed up for NCT classes! I was umming and ahhing about it, but everyone I know who has been said that they’ve met loads of great people through it – and it seems like new mums need sounding boards! It would be lovely to have some mummy friends in the area as well.

 Right. Off to find my zimmer frame. Have a good night all!



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