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Week 29 – relax, dammit!

Oh hai there! Sorry, it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy! And it’s hard to get the motivation to write when your energy is being sucked out from every which way. After a long weekend in Jersey though, I’m finally back in the groove! I think.

So week 27 marked the start of my third trimester! The final stretch (quite literally, I have not stopped expanding!), the last leg, the end of the tunnel…and the time when, were Squish to be born now, she would have a healthy chance of survival outside the womb. Which made me breathe a sigh of relief I didn’t know I was holding in.

Up until this point, I have been trying to stay as normal as possible. Still working hard, going out to see friends, not talking about pregnancy as though it’s the only thing going on in my life (let me tell you about the FASCINATING world of beer operations instead!) and power walking around like I have important places to get to. Well. The third tri kicked in and put a stop to all that speedy, energetic nonsense. I am TIRED. I secretly enjoy the solitude of my comfy sofa much more than the interesting company that like to stay out late, perched on hard bar stools. And every time I try to walk beyond a casual stroll, my lower abdomen muscles start screaming at me as though I’ve done myself a serious injury. Forget about running for the bus! For a few days I was so annoyed at morphing into this sleepy, boring slug – but then I spoke to my ever-wise mother on the phone, and she said some sage words:

“You might have to start behaving like a pregnant woman for a little while.”

Hmm. Behave like a pregnant woman. Worth a shot, I suppose. So I took her advice…and it’s actually working rather well. I stroll for the bus even if I know I might miss one. I say NO to plans when I think I need matchsticks to hold my eyes open. And on our holiday in Jersey, we ambled home from our dinner at 9.30pm and got into our massive bed while it was still light outside, and it was the best feeling in the world. My body is definitely thanking me for it.  When it comes to giving birth (so I have been told) you need to have your body on your side. That means being relaxed, as unstressed as possible, and focused on the task at hand – not worrying about the minutiae that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I keep telling myself: the world will still be here when the baby is out. No FOMO for me.

Speaking of being relaxed – I also downloaded a hypnobirthing mp3 to see if it was any good. We put it on last night in bed and I was a bit sceptical, especially when the voice started talking about breathing in a beautiful golden light…but the more I listened, the more relaxed I got. I mean, if someone’s telling you to imagine lying on your own private beach, it’s hard NOT to be relaxed…and I even fell asleep before the end! I would call that a success. I think I’ll have to practice it though, to make it easy to get into a relaxed mindset quickly (and under extreme circumstances!) – but I’m happy with my first forays into ACTUALLY RELAXING.

Things I would recommend you do that are lovely and relaxing:

Spend quality time with your sibling at a gig. Take an embarrassing picture.


Get some tasty ice cream action at your local parlour.


Sit on a Highbury Fields park bench with someone lovely to keep you company.


Go to Pilau on Charlotte Street for a damn tasty butter lamb wrap and mango lassi.


Head to the sea to breathe the ocean air.


Stroll the beautiful grounds of a 12th century manor in Jersey (bit more niche, that one).


Have a chilled out week, you lovely lot.

Nat xxx


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