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Week 24 – shop shop shopping!

Hi all! After the emotions of last week, it’s been SO nice to get back to normal. The Bank Holiday weekend was perfectly timed for a lovely break to unwind and take stock. My aches are still there, but they’re definitely manageable. I’m finding the lower part of my belly is bearing the brunt of… Continue reading Week 24 – shop shop shopping!

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Week 19 – time for a break! And shopping!

Whew, it’s been busy! What with work and hormones (gotta love those unpredictable mood swings) I haven’t had much time to properly switch off. A week off from work with hubby has been a welcome relief! First up in our jam-packed schedule of fun…our second scan! This is the big one that everyone thinks is to check… Continue reading Week 19 – time for a break! And shopping!